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Practice Membership Plan

Passionate about what we do, at Mint Dental Care we aim to ensure that the children, teenagers and adults that we see each have the opportunity to benefit from healthy gums, fresh breath and a confident smile in an affordable, convenient and professional way. One of the key ways in which we aim to do this is to therefore through our competitive fees, a choice of finance options and our Practice Membership Plan.

Budget your Routine Dental Care

Our Practice Membership Plan provides an easy and affordable way to look after your smile and to budget your routine dental care. We offer three alternative Plans for our patients to choose from so, depending on your personal situation, you can choose the right one for you:

  • Child Dental Plan: £6 per month
  • Adult Dental Plan: £16 per month
  • Adult Dental Plan Plus: £24 per month

For more information about any of our above plans, please call us on 01754 879232 or ask your dentist when you next visit us.

What is Included?

Your monthly payment ensures that the cost of your dental examination and dental hygiene appointments are covered by affordable monthly payments. As a member, you will also benefit from discount on routine dental treatments and emergency dental insurance:

  • 2 x Routine Dental Examinations per year
  • 2 x Classic Clean & Polish Appointments per year (this is 4 x Appointments for members of the Adult Dental Plan Plus)
  • Accident and Emergency Dental Insurance
  • 5% discount on Routine Dental Treatments

How do I Join?

Simply ask us for an Application Form - then complete it, and return it to us, and we'll look after the rest. Membership can be activated within 48 hours, and once activated you will start receiving the benefits of Membership straight away, including Emergency Dental Insurance and discounts on Routine Dental Treatments. Your monthly payment will then be taken from your current account by direct debit at the start of every month.

Get in Touch

For more information about joining our Practice Membership at Mint Dental Care, please call us on 01754 879232or complete our Online Appointment Request Form >>

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