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Sports Guards

Protective mouth guards are an important part of safety against injury for youth and adults who are involved in sports. Professional mouth guards / sport guards can be made in many colours and different thicknesses proportional to the risks of the sport. For example, hockey players would need thicker guards than rugby players.

Mouth guards can aid greatly in reducing the potential for jaw fracture, concussion or severe tooth damage in the event of a blow to the jaw or teeth. They are highly recommended for athletes involved in all sports that could result in trauma to the head, jaw or teeth.

In order to create your custom made sports guard at Mint Dental Care, we would take an impression of your teeth to allow our Dental Laboratory to create a tailor-made sports guard that is moulded exactly to the contours of your teeth for maximum comfort and protection. We would also ask you to select your preferred colour(s) so that your new sports guard can match you team kit, or personal style!

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